Sex for Grades

Sex for Grades is a BBC Africa Eye special that sees reporter Kiki Mordi, take us inside several universities in Nigeria and Ghana which have been plagued by stories of sexual harassment by lecturers and professors for decades. Kiki is 28 years old and wasn’t able to complete her studies because a professor of hers withheld her exam results for two semesters as she refused his sexual advancements. Having experienced this form of harassment first hand it seems only appropriate that she helps expose it.

However right from the get-go, it becomes apparent that these are not just isolated incidents of abuse as the opening scenes are of women protesting outside a university under scrutiny. We are also informed that it is as if everyone in Nigeria and Ghana knows someone who has been sexually harassed by a lecturer.

For the past year, Kiki has been working closely with BBC Africa Eye to build a team of female investigators and for the first time ever this team managed to plant journalists posing as students inside two of these top universities. These were the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and the University of Ghana and the goal was to secretly record men who sexually harass and abuse students on a regular basis by promising good grades, along with a career.

It is truly shocking what this team of undercover journalists manage to expose over the course of three months, we see professors, senior lecturers caught on camera grooming and seducing students via closed-door meetings. As a result of this film being released both universities have issued statements announcing that the lecturers caught on film have been asked to step down. It also inspired action at a national level where the Nigerian Senate has reintroduced legislation that would criminalize sexual advances by lecturers toward students and carry mandatory jail time for lecturers found guilty of sexual harassment.

Directed by: Kiki Mordi

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