Sex in Space

As man moves to colonize the cosmos, the realities of sexual relationships and reproduction need to be addressed. Probe the physiological, psychological and cultural challenges of sex in space.

From the sex act through birth, look at how the extreme environments of space exploration might affect copulation, conception and developing human tissues, as well as how issues around sex might impact the emotional lives of astronauts.

Get to the bottom of the rumors to find out if space sex has already happened, and look at how the burgeoning space tourism business may soon lead to a boom in space sex.

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  1. First! She must be a Naturally Born Woman for the codes to be studied in space. Second! He must be a Naturally Born Man for the codes to be studied in space. Third! Get her to willingly, and freedom of choice to say in the Human Being English Language, “YES.” Laughter! The Third one is a charm! Laughter! However, you will always be grounded if you violate these basic simple codes of sex in space. Now, what are the odds that this has already taken place among the Astronauts? “SEX IN SPACE.” Think about it; woman with woman is not what you are after; man with man is not what you are after; a naturally born Woman with a naturally born Man is what You are After because you need to know the mathematics in space if you can “SUCCESSFULLY” reproduce; otherwise, it will be EXTINCTION! Thus, you are after those Mathematics of opposites attract, and in space, can it work and not fail because failure means EXTINCTION! SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX IN SPACE SPACE SPACE SPACE SPACE! It is a funny subject with Laughter, but extinction is not funny at all. EYE 5

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  3. michio kaku in a show about the future of science? wow what a surprise – lol – his like a used car salesman for this genre…

    • I read a book by Michio Kaku and enjoyed it…. I read another book by him….and realised…. I’d already read most of the stuff before… in his previous book…..Was this a subtle example of parallel universe activity…..or is he just a lazy Bastard, singing the same song to a different tune. I dunno, he fooled me, Old Bean… He sure fooled me.
      Because he is really, really Clever.
      And his name is Michio.

  4. This is awesome, who wouldnt want to have an intimate moment with no gravity.

  5. foolish, what a waste of money! Lets just forget about this planet and lets take offffff….Read more Ron L. Hubbard folks, not.

  6. lol. man has not “begun to colonize the cosmos”. cute, but quite an ambitious statement.

  7. Great article, like 99% of the websites on bing were clearly written by a foreigner. Question: do u think websites such as how to roll a joint should be censored for kids?

    • No, but FOX News should for lying not only to your kids but to you and everyone else. ¬†What a purile question in a thread like this…