Sex Slaves

Sex Slaves is a gripping documentary expose inside the global sex trade in women from the former Soviet Bloc.

The film takes viewers into the shadowy, multi-billion dollar world of sex trafficking.

Part cinema verité, part investigation, Sex Slaves puts a human face on this most inhuman of contemporary issues.

From the villages of Moldova and Ukraine, to underground brothels and discotheques in Turkey where many women are trafficked and forced into prostitution, we witness first-hand the brutal world of white sex slavery.

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  1. For me my personal integrity means a lot to like this time a gay guy I knew told me that he’d give me $100 if I’d let him give me a rim job assuring me that no one else will know. My reply to him was, “Yeah, but I’ll know” These aren’t men who take these girls innocent and use them as chattel these are creatures spawned from some sort of primordial miasma. In the fleet marines I with to many ports and its brothels. Once they bought me a 13 yr. old virgin, I was 19 fighting like a man so I wanted a woman not a little and rises hell. To me men who want unwilling women are not better than swine that devour whatever they can get in their mouths and bite down on. What she has is hers and is best when she gives it up unselfishly. These are males so weak in character that they are the ones who get turned into queers in the jail system. In my world human trafficking would be a death sentence right along with rape.

  2. There is no Lord. You will die and rot in the Earth. You will go nowhere, you will find nothing

    • History records many Christians dying for their belief in God, this is a fact you can’t deny. Now my question to you are you just as willing to die for your unbelief? You’re the type of guy who trying to get rich would invest in a company that makes tuxedos for gorillas and that dressed in a tux King Kong could pass for handsome and believe that grits ain’t grocery, eggs ain’t poultry and Mona Lisa was a man. Boy your reply sounds like it came from someone who was spawned from some primordial miasma. If someone told you that if you believe you live, if you don’t believe you will get your head blown off, then your reply would be, ” yes good brother I have always believed in “jebus”!

  3. When you realize that there are people so callous of heart and void of any concern but for their perversion or greed that will kidnap some mothers daughter off the streets to force her into a life of a prostitute, it tells you if man has no fear of the authority of the law that the law is impotent same as all of the institutions devised by man to save himself. We have doctors but people still die, we have firemen but can still lose all we own to fire, we have police who abuse their color of authority for perversion or greed and will use this authority to kill, we have governments that fail at peace. These are just a few entities created by man to control all the negative aspects of his existence to save himself. But the one sure thing that tells man that he is a failure and needs a Savior is the fact that he can’t protect his own children from the evil spawned by his fellow man. Only a fool would believe that as time goes on man will become better and better as he solves all of his shortcomings as time goes on.

  4. My heart goes out to her, there needs to be more investigators willing to care this much. I would willingly walk these areas and talk to every gir about the dangers of newspaper advertisements and so on. Bring the turkish cops to death! Dodgy as joint with these criminals!

  5. This is sickening. The only way I can stomach this is the knowledge that one day ALL will stand before the Lord and be judged. I hope there is a very special part of HELL set aside for those who bring so much pain to others. How? How do they live with themselves? It is beyond understanding.

  6. the film makers I mean

  7. why didn’t those filmmakers pitch in and raise the medical expenses to save that little boy and keep tonia from selling herself? what is wrong with people? shame on all of them!

    • They did not do that because they are journalists doing their jobs. They are trying to tell these people’s stories. If they get too involved they can’t perform their jobs and will lose objectivity. They also can’t save everyone by doing this but they can help by spreading the word about what is happening so more people in the future can try and help these people.

  8. How sad here is an example of how evil, low down and perverted the love of money and power makes people. To rape a woman to me should draw the most sever penalty from the law. How can a man enjoy something thats at its best when willingly given and to take young girls and force them into this trade should draw a death sentence.