We Shall Not Die Now

We Shall Not Die Now is a new feature length documentary film which chronicles the horrors of the Holocaust which saw over six million Jews and millions of others systematically murdered by the Nazi regime between 1939 and 1945.

It is now 75 years since World War II came to a conclusion and in this film we not only explore the horrific human tragedy that occurred but what we can potentially learn from it going forward. We also witness the resilience of those individuals who were lucky enough to survive the Holocaust and hear of how they managed to build their lives in spite of such unimaginable suffering.

Through interviews with the survivors and liberators who experienced it first hand, We Shall Not Die Now is a journey of despair, hope, and the triumph of the human spirit through history’s darkest hours. Featuring interviews with Cantor Moshe Taube (number twenty-two on Schindler’s List) and Ben Ferencz (concentration camp liberator and last living prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials).

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  1. i agree with bouffant

  2. An important and moving documentary. It should be shown to high school students so that they know what happened and hopefully will never allow any politician decend to the depths of vicious racism that leads to violence and death.

    • I totally agreed with you.I visited concentration camp when I went to Prague and I was devastated.It was so sad to witness what happened there.

    • I 100% agree. My hope is the world still sees and hears the voices of the Shoah. Genocide is still rampant in our world, and our children, and our children’s children should not be allowed to forget. I am grateful for the foresight of those like Eisenhower, as we can see from the comments there are still so many that would deny that it happened at all.

  3. 6 million now?
    it keeps going up!

    • How do you figure the number “keeps going up”? These numbers have been well researched, documented and proven time and time again. You sound like an Anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying, bigot. Even as a believer in free-speech you should be ashamed of yourself.