Shed Your Tears and Walk Away

Shed Your Tears and Walk Away is a harrowing real-life drama set in the beautiful but rural town of Hebden Bridge, in the United Kingdom. We follow filmmaker Jez Lewis as he travels back to his hometown for yet another childhood friends funeral, having already lost five friends to suicide.

The film itself is very much a personal quest for understanding as to how so many of his friends have found themselves in such a dark place. Over the course of a year the documentaries principal character Cass, as he come to terms with his own mortality and attempts to lift himself out of his cycle of self-destruction.

It is a tale of tragedy and redemption, an intimate study of a place often described as paradise, but which harbours an undertow of lethal hedonism and disillusionment. As more people take their own lives over the making of the film a maelstrom of conflicting values throws up unexpected truths about the human condition.

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  1. kinda like the movie “Fubar” but in real life.