Shelter: A Look at Manchester’s Homeless

With homelessness on the rise in the UK and with more people sleeping rough on the streets than ever, filmmaker Mike Staniforth decided to speak to the homeless people of Manchester to see just how bad it is.

With the council only providing a ‘snap shot’ of the true statistics of how bad the situation really is, we go on a journey with some of the people that the council are refusing to acknowledge.

It is Mike’s debut documentary starring some unforgettable characters who all have their own personal, and sometimes sad, stories to tell. You can get more very detailed infos about the production and how to support the people at his blog:

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  1. this is so incredibly sad to see..

  2. the argument that was going on here is so pointless as if any of yous made a point

  3. I’m sorry, but we do have enough money in this country to put an end to street homelessness. Take it out of the defence spending, EU budget, take it out of free TV-licencing for OAP’s, take it out of MPs expenses or BBC executive salaries, increase income tax by a penny for everyone in the country… Literally, just take it out of anywhere and at least give these human beings a fucking safe bed to sleep in.

  4. Really made me sad :'(

  5. Documentaries are usually preferred by the smarter than average person. I’ve never seen comments with so many dumbass arguments. Odin’s a jackass. Case closed.

    • Well in my experience, expressions as ‘case closed’ are commonly used by people who are themselfs not particularly intelligent.
      Some people might interpret me as some kind of apathetic shoe-shined jerk, you included, but this is in fact a ‘dumbass’ assumption. The one thing I do not believe in, however, is ‘passive activision’. If you truly emphasize and want to help, go and actually do something about it.
      Posting messages on the internet, and telling people how sorry you feel, is not going to help in any way.
      But you know this, for you are smarter than the average person.

    • I love it when narcissist’s toot their own hobby’s. How many documentary’s did Tesla watch? Einstein? Bohr? Oh, how about a more recent example? Neil deGrasse Tyson?

      Watching Doc’s can make you more informed… (not necessarily intelligent) or just more confident in your own world view.

      I’ll paraphrase here because i don’t have the the patience to look it up in this case. “I know that I know nothing” -Socrates. I hope that it is not entirely lost on you Gracie L.

      The comment left by Odin is more valid than your “i watch stuff… im smrt… yur not…” Case (I hope for your sake it is not) closed.


      BTW; You do not know eden, so unless you have some sort of psychic powers i know nothing of, you are in no more of a position to judge eden’s sincerity than odin is.

  6. very sad, heartbreaking. I think my life is tough sometimes, but this puts things in to perspective.

  7. So heartbreaking, so sad.
    All they need is a safe place to stay, food a job.

  8. We live in a crazy world.. Heartbreaking!

  9. We live in a world where materialism and greed are priorities and those that do not have these things are largely ignored. Even social service organizations, take donated money and line their own pockets, most of them keep 70 percent of the donations only giving 30 percent to those they purport to help.

  10. I got it now HD was the problem I could not play it..lovely documentory and so sad too..

  11. will not play why????????

  12. It Feels something on the inside that make me want to rise and speak up

  13. This made me want to do something to help, it’s so tragic and heartbreaking to see how they are treated by services/drunk idiots.

  14. Feel so sorry for the Polish guy, wish i could help. If i lived in Manchester i would.

    • Surely there are homeless people where you live you could help today… act or they are only just words

    • Of course you would.

      • Is that an attempt at sarcasm? I live on the other side of the world, why would u even write such a douchebag MSG?

        • Because pretentious dicks always try to look good by making hollow statements and empty promisses. Even when it’s the truth, why would you need to make the internet aware of your good deeds? What good could come of that, other than creating an image for yourself?

          • Get off your fucking high horse! Eden was only expressing his feelings of sympathy for the people on this documentary, there’s nothing wrong with that. There was no need for such a sneering comment. Who are you to judge if his promises are empty or hollow. Fanny.

          • I agree

          • Sorry internet-policeman yeti, but Odin expresses a valid opinion. The irony of telling him to get off his high horse whilst claiming he should not express his opinions are amusing to me.

            I also call bullshit on eden. I could be wrong.

            -Also please don’t misrepresent peoples comments. eden was not “only expressing his feelings of sympathy..” He was straight up saying he would do something about it, if he were more conveniently (lol’d) located.

          • “He was straight up saying he would do something about it, if he were more conveniently (lol’d) located.”
            Excactly the reason for my response. Statements like Eden’s hurt more people than they help. It’s a lazy attitude, and inspires other lazy people to stay at home in stead of actually going out there to help.
            How can I make such an assumption on Eden? Because there is no reason for an active undertaker to go online and say such things. The only people benefited by these sort of statements, are the people making them.

          • Well in that light I was just expressing my feelings of apathy for comments like his/hers, there is nothing wrong with that. Who are you to judge the hight of my horse? Bottem.