Shift: Beyond the Numbers of the Climate Crisis

Shift is a journey. In an ever worsening natural world we feel that inaction is not an option. We’re not claiming to be climate scientist or journalist trying to tell a plain story, just a brother and sister out to see what all the fuss is about. We accept, and thus firmly believe, that climate change is real, man caused, and a horribly big mess. Our goals are really two fold, one to educate people about climate change (you know the really scary numbers and facts that can be hard to stomach) and two, to offer solutions that help curb our emissions and make a healthier planet. We want to offer solutions from an individual basis all the way to neighborhood, city, and nationwide solutions as well. It can start with each one of us, but we need to work together to make real change. Shift is beyond shorter showers and efficient light bulbs, its a commitment to making real lifestyle changes. – From the Authors

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  1. This is great efforts showing the impact of fossil fuel scheme on ordinary people; I hope that day will come soon, when alternative renewable energy will replace the current mess.
    This site is aiming at that:

  2. For the people in the river, some people have made oil-eating bacteria, that might be a solution.

  3. the propaganda just never stoppes. The argument is lost so now lets hear the same shit from some random dude who sounds sensir, they pulled the kony2012 card on us.. lol

  4. BULLSHIT !!!

    When ever someone says that CO2 has anything to do with climat… you’re beeing made fun of !
    These “Champagne socialists” with expressions like “to buy is to vote” have nothing to do with environment. Any tree you touch with your nose can hide a forest… or something else !
    “Fighting GHG (greenhouse gases)” is like campaigning against farting… Ridiculous !

    If you have time to waste, watch this thing ! It is not a documentary thow…

    • @Robert Duhamel
      Well yea, CO2 is a relatively highly abundant part of our atmosphere cocktail. The CH4 however, which is mostly spread through the large accumulation of herded wildlife, is something extremely dangerous and possibly the trigger our planet’s environment uses to start henceforth unknown climate states. It’s really not about climate change or global warming, its about our standard of living as the planet’s primary occupants. There is enough strife that is already a part of our cultural cycle, we shouldn’t be adding fuel to the fire, much less wake the sleeping dragon that is our planet’s chemical balance. Just because our planet is perfectly capable of meting out problems like excess CO2 easily, do we want to suffer through the climate changes that come with the adapted environment?

    • Your a fucking retard and if you think voicing your ignorance makes you sound better then you are seriously mistaken. Take the time to learn something about a subject if you dont want to sound so laughably foolish.

  5. An EXCELLENT film that shows an overview of the personal, human impact of our worst climate abusers on everyday people in the communities where these corporations are running roughshod over individuals’ rights. A must-include with other more scientific and statistically loaded cases for the fight against climate change.