Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity

A three part documentary series which see’s Professor Jim Al-Khalili tell  the story of our quest to master the power of electricity.

The three episodes are condensed into one video here, see the timestamps below to know were each episode begins.

Episode 1 – Spark (0:00):

In the first episode we see professor Jim Al-Khalili tell the tale of how the first ‘natural philosophers’ managed to unlock electricity’s mysteries, how they studied this new form power, it’s link to life and were able to build instruments to create it.

Episode 2 – The Age of Invention (58:30):

We witness how harnessing the link between magnetism and electricity transformed the world, allowing us to generate a vast amount of electric power.

Episode 3 – Revelations and Revolutions (1:56:50):

In the last instalment of this series we see Al-Khalili conclude by looking at how, if we could understand the secret of electrical superconductivity, we could once again transform the world.

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  1. Fascinating!
    The end is why I clean inside my computer once a year to get dust off the heatsinks and i.c.’s..
    Edison was good in his early days but went from a lone experimenter to having a large team and there were many more working on radio than Marconi, he was good at marketing himself. Both Marconi and Admiral Jackson put forward their designs for radio equipment to the British Navy. Who’s ever heard of Admiral Jackson?
    I’ve built radio’s in my teens starting with a four pin valve kit, and then more valves from circuits in Practical Wireless, moving to transistors and i.c.’s for receivers and transmitters for my hobby. I still like valves and built a one valve transmitter several years ago.

  2. A very good and informative doco,explained in an user friendly format, well worth the view, and time to any one intersted in critical knowledge,really enjoyable….

  3. makes the basics of electricity sound interesting.