A Shot In the Dark

Tony Martin is a farmer from Norfolk, England who became infamous when he fatally gunned down a 16 year old burglar and wounded his accomplice in his home in August 1999. He was originally convicted of murder but this was later reduced to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and served just three years in prison.

Martin went on to become somewhat of a tabloid hero, and this film examines the case itself and looks at how it sparked a national debate on self-defence. We hear exclusive testimony from Martin along with interviews from his family and friends. Several professionals who were involved in the case are also interviewed and provide us with access to police footage.

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  1. Brendon fearon only took partbin this program if he was paid. What does that tell you about this scumbag. No morals, trying to justify his actions, only interested in saving his own skin. Tony Martin was a man living on his own, in fear of his life. The police as per usual failed him & the whole community because they dont give two shits about victims of crime.

  2. Three cheers for TM