Shut Him Down: The Rise of Jordan Peterson

Jordan B Peterson, he’s become awfully popular with some people and massively unpopular with others. In this film we get a first hand glimpse into this firestorm of polarising public opinion which was sparked by Peterson when he went public with his stance against Canadian human rights legislation in late 2016. From then on his notoriety has been growing almost exponentially.

Filmmaker Patricia Marcoccia was given an opportunity to follow psychology professor Jordan Peterson as attempted to traverse through the biggest controversy of his career. Through a number of interviews and unparalleled access to Peterson, his family, and to transgender and social justice activists who opposed his views, the documentary provides a fascinating look at this internationally-scrutinized dispute.

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  1. Notoriety!!! Talking plain commonsense surely.

  2. This sucks…the video isnt even on the site. And its blocked on You tube.

  3. “Shut him down” – ah, the perfect name for the totalitarians of the left who cannot win arguments on a level playing field so have to resort to the destruction of freedom of speech.

  4. Did I just see somebody with a placard condemning hate speech chanting ” … piece of shit “?
    That is scary.