Silk Road: Drugs, Death and the Dark Web

A BBC Storyville special which sets out to take a deep look into the now infamous black market website known as the Silk Road which came into existance back in 2011. Coined the ‘Amazon of illegal drugs’ the Silk Road was the brainchild of a mysterious, libertarian who went under the moniker of The Dread Pirate Roberts. With the promise of providing his users with complete anonymity and total freedom from government regulation, The Dread Pirate Roberts became the head of a million-dollar digital drugs cartel.

The existance of the Silk Road would later enrage several government bodies, including Homeland Security, the DEA, the FBI and even the Secret Service. This brazen slap in the face would later result in multiple large scale investigations being set up, resulting in the largest online manhunt the world had ever seen.

Even with all of the governments resources it would prove an incredibly difficult task to track down the websites creator and in the end it turned out that a young tax inspector from the IRS who had grown up in the projects of Brooklyn would be the one to crack the case and eventually unmask ‘DPR’

Through many interviews with the special agents working the case and many big vendors who sold drugs through The Silk Road, we get great insight into the murky world of deep web.

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  1. Ross Ulbricht was a legend. Dark web marketplaces continue to exist and pop-up. I think there needs to be more sites and more vendors though. All drugs should be legalised everywhere. The war on drugs and drug prohibition are infringement on freedom and cause huge amounts of damage. All people should be freed of non-violent drug charges, incuding Ross Ulbricht.

  2. What a smear job. I went to school wiith Ross Ulrich. He is not the monster the government make him out to be. This was entrapment plain and simple. Their whole case was based on lies.

  3. Horrible. Misleading. But entertaining. It felt as if I were watching crisis actors as FBI agents. ‘Deep Web’ was boring but a better documentary.