The Silk Roads

Our western ideal is under great pressure and we can do nothing to influence it, we take refuge in our everyday lives and hide behind new borders, we can’t seem to cope in a world in which we increasingly feel out of place. No wonder says British historian Peter Frankopan, author of the bestseller “The Silk Roads: A New History of the World”.

We are the product of a history in which we have always given ourselves the leading role, as a result we can’t seem to see the connection between our actions and the changes around us. Before we can understand where the world is headed we need to look back.

Frankopan holds up a mirror to us that shows us an unexpected portrait of our Western civilization and the way we perceive our position in the world, he explains in this film why we must adapt.

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  1. Excellent documentary, well thought out to which I mostly agree.

    One issue is troubling though, which seems contradictory if not hypocritical. On the one hand Frankopan decries western interventionism as being the root of our ills, but then he derides Trump for his MAGA ideas… which include withdrawing from these parts of the world we have carelessly wrecked, and regaining our populist traditions and financial footing. It IS NOT rejecting the rest of the world, but respectfully recognizing our differences without attempting to control them.

    I’d argue that worrying about ourselves, while at the same time trading and cooperating with the east is the platform Trump has publicly outlined on many occasions. Frankopan either hasn’t been paying attention or (like much of academia), he has depended on western mainstream news for his information.

    Rejecting a New World Order means a discontinuation of imperialist policy, toward recognizing every other nation as their own unique and separate sovereignty independent of the west’s forced brand of rule.

    When will these supposed intellectuals wake the fuck up?

  2. poisonous words coming from his mouth…self loathing traitor