Singapore: The World’s Richest City

China may soon be the birthplace to half the world’s billionaires but Singapore – the world’s richest city – is where they go to play. Some of the rich and famous who have moved to the tiny Southeast Asian island republic include Indian telecom tycoon Bhupendra Kumar Modi, Chinese movie superstars Gong Li and Jet Li, New Zealand billionaire Richard Chandler, and famed US investor Jim Rogers. One in six households in Singapore have a net worth of $1m, reflecting the flow of wealth eastwards as the centre of global economic activity shifts to Asia. With low taxes, a reliable, corruption-free government and protective private banking laws, the world’s ultra-rich are flocking to make Singapore home, giving it the highest percentage of millionaire households in the world. While the rich have fun, locals are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living.

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  1. And Estraya

  2. Anyone notice the kitchen in that so called luxury suite. I guess when you are that rich you can afford to eat out everyday.,

  3. use this link video

  4. Son of a bitch, this isn’t available in the United States. God damnit, I really wanted to learn about Singapore! I guess they don’t give a shit about Americans learning about their country…

    It’s funny because I was actually interviewed for a Singapore television news network and that’s why I wanted to learn about it… God forbid this only be available in Singapore, I sure hope it’s available SOME WHERE else because there’s no point in them only allowing it in their own country (no one else can learn about their culture, shit)