Sirius (2013) is a documentary film that follows the efforts of Steven M. Greer, MD to reveal information about top secret energy projects and propulsion techniques. It is based on Dr. Greer’s book, Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge and features government and military whistleblowers who provide testimony that the United States government is covering up the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrial visitation. Also featured prominently are images and a DNA analysis of a six-inch being known as the Atacama humanoid that was found in the Atacama desert in northern Chile in 2003.

“Sirius” was directed by Emmy Award-winning director Amardeep Kaleka and features actor Thomas Jane as narrator. Greer also served as executive producer.

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  1. I saw a UFO twice before in my life but the first one at age 15 was enough for me to know that they exist…1996 While all night fishing at around 5 am in the morning I spotted a craft flying slowly in our stratosphere or 1000ft up or so “a big bright solid round hamburger shaped object” and in just a split second it shot off to a star! and I still watched it go from star to star to star in a triangle pattern!?and very quickly? it was very strange! Now….? what the hell was that?
    or what the hell was in that thing? And why was it star hopping? collecting resources? The stars are trillions of miles away… now how the hell this thing was able to do that I don’t know? BUT IT DID! It reminds me today of what Bob Lazar explains.He say’s they can bend space and go from A to B almost instantly!..I believe that’s what this thing did. I’ve never even heard of Bob back in 1996? The second one at around age 26, at night I was walking with my neighbor to his house when all of a sudden he yelled dude UFO! We saw 6 huge amber orange lights appearing out of nowhere! hovering silently and stationary above the small town we lived by which was 3 miles away? And it was kind of tilted slightly.. this thing was at least the length of the town! it was huge! We don’t have words in our vocabulary to describe how big that thing was! But it scared us both! I felt it had a very dark and sinister vibe to it? I’ve lived there all my life so I know that area very well… this was a real UFO. and one at a time the lights started to disappear.. In place! like turning out a light switch.

    These events happened in southern Ohio where I’m from and they really did scar my mind for life! but mostly with wonder of what all is really out there… which I think could be good and bad? like Humans… but keep looking up folks and you can Be skeptical.. that’s also a good thing. but be open minded! When you finally see a real UFO like either of the one’s I did.. it will change you. Believe that there’s better creations then us… that can hopefully help us one day with finding peace and advancing, or even help defend us and from ourselves! but I hope we’re not too far past passed that point? Thanks for reading.

  2. Hey, I enjoyed this doc. .. I’m open minded enough to believe the possibility of other, much more advanced life forms out there. Why not? Who are WE, to think we are the only ones out here, in the universe? .. .those outdated beliefs are very self centred, and backward. ..and we must appear like ‘neanderthals’ to any advanced life forms, watching us. ..some of us still believing that our resources will never run out, burying our heads in the sand, etc. The footage, and testimonies speak for themselves. If I were an extra terrestrial, I would be (very) cautious about humans, given our history of war, and pillaging the beautiful planet we have. ..They might very well be comparing us to (spoiled children) in our mindsets of frivolous ‘entitlement’ and ‘waste’. Most reasonably intelligent beings would be cautious in approaching any such life form.

  3. I was hugely intrigued. But, I couldn’t stop noticing his fucked up features. I don’t wanna say it, but reptilian looking mother fucker. I shrugged off the idea as I was interested in what I was hearing, and he seemed very genuinely interested in ‘teaching’…….until I saw the woman on the plane at 47:17.”Dr. Jan Bravo” (IMDB’d cast) Looks exactly the same as him with the same messed up features. Search her name online, *1 picture*, Must be a highly reputable ‘doctor’ who happens to look like Greer’s twin!!
    Don’t waste 2 hours of your life on this shite! The second you realize or think you realize somethings not right, everything seems so false, even up to him looking at the x-rays trying to look intrigued by the dead, miniature alien that seemed to have died and mummified with its head and legs raised up. Fuck this guy, I’m deleting all the shit I just torrented of his. 😉

  4. Brother, I’m frankly fed up with both sides of this ‘argument’. I find both extremes to be quite short sighted. Why is everyone so quick to believe one thing or another, either strict science, or really weird conspiracies…. and leaving no room at all for doubt or open mindedness? The stuff about the 1% rule and ‘federal’ (really private) reserve that run the world and manipulate things to their advantage, in order to gain money and power and control, is all sadly,very much true. I don’t know about the ancient astronaut thing though…. I do not doubt that there is life out there, because the universe is vast. But I don’t know if I believe all the ‘abduction’ tales and such, not least because most if not all ‘encounters’ can be explained by sleep disorders such as sleep paralysis. And most if not all ‘sightings’ are Chinese lanterns, satellites (the things that look like moving stars), weather balloons, etc. That is not to say that some people may not have experienced some strange things though. Even many scientists now, (and no, I don’t mean pseudo science) are coming out and saying the universe is way weirder than we can conceive of, with parallel dimensions and multi verses, time not being what we think it is, collective consciousness, etc. So who knows what strange and ‘spiritual’ stuff could be actually real? Who knows our full potential? I think the biggest mistake that people make is really limiting their thinking to whatever the majority accept one way or another. Whether rigid or a bit too nutty. Rather than seeking their own answers. Don’t automatically rule things out, nor blindly accept them.

  5. Awesome film! I was glued;) I have had a encounter of the third kind.

  6. Why would one charge money to view this mediocre work of film? Is it because you think people are dumb enough to give you money? Huh seminars? Oh wait, I think you might be right. Congratulations to those you figured they would stream it for free, and even higher praise for those that couldnt power through it.

  7. I’d like to know who discovered the skeleton and where?

  8. Ha Ha Ha ! What a load of funny shit!

  9. We are Beings. “Human” is just a fraction of a name we are, a name used to control us, until knowing better. As Beings, are we one.


  10. Many governments have stated they believe in extra terrestrial life and are releasing [some] of their material on UFO encounters (not all of which will actually be ETs). Even the Vatican has now agreed it to be possible. France and the UK have released documentation, photos and videos and it’s available on their gov website. However many countries like America refuses to disclose any information on UFO encounters. I have nothing against Americans, I am just using the American government as an example as many countries look to them and refuse to take action until American has done something because they are one of the five leading super powers.

  11. Jesus Christ how much proof do people need to accept that WE HAVE BEEN VISITED and that there has been a longstanding cover up

  12. I love all the negative comments. The idiots as well as the dis-information groups are running ramped, as always. Accept the truth.

  13. Admit your FEAR…of the truth…and then accept it.

    • Or is it you that is afraid of a world that is in
      reality quite simple, not a Hollywood movie filled with action and
      conspiracies? That your politicians are not evil masterminds, but just
      ordinary people that don’t know any better, who are just ordinary
      stupid? That your life of boring jobs, stupid decisions and dead-end
      relationships are the only thing you will ever experience? That the fact
      that you have failed your life here on earth, you start looking
      hopefully towards the sky, wishing for something more?
      Don’t get me
      wrong, I would love for civilization to shift and change 180 degrees,
      but from everything I have ever seen in my life, what I just said seems
      much more likely.

      • @odin.. you assume you have the 100% correct understanding of reality and what is possible and not possible.

        You never ever know what happens to you after death.

  14. whatever those scientist are saying , i believe

  15. Anytime I see a documentary talking about the Ancient Astronaut theory, I get disgusted. There’s a 3 hour documentary debunking this theory and even hands the viewer references. This thing started out interesting, but once that came into play, I had to turn it off.

    • Its real champ! Ive seen one. Email me if you what to talk

    • So you believe a bunch of “debunking theories” but not other theories? Seems legit.

      I’m not saying the Ancient Astronaut theory is truth or fiction. I’m saying that both sides are unproven, hence the reason they’re called “theories” and not “Facts”. Not every aspect about the Ancient Astronaut is believable or makes sense, but that doesn’t make the complete theory incorrect or a bunch of BS. The thing about the ancient astronaut theory is that many aspects or evidence is actually fairly solid and believable, not to mention really freaking odd. The argument for the ancient astronaut theory being true, also works for the crop circle argument as they’ve been hoaxed as well. If only one crop circle out of thousands of them is proven to be the work of Aliens, it’ll be enough for the worlds population that aliens do exist and have been here. Same goes for the ancient astronaut theory. Being on the believability fence, instead of taking sides, will make it easier and more intriguing until the issue is proven 100%. Also, without being bias to one side, you’ll keep a much more open mind when presented with the proof.

  16. Unfortunately, the format is good, but its content is very weak. Not enough facts (!!), too much unnecessary and irrelevant drama. Does not make Steven M. Greer’s endeavour credible, nor relevant.

  17. horse crap from beginning to end…