Six Day War

The story of the Arab-Israeli War of 1967, the echoes of which are still heard today in the middle east.

In May of that year, Egypt, under President Nasser, blocked the Tiran Straits to Israeli shipping and began to gather huge numbers of troops in the Sinai Peninsula.

At the same time King Hussein’s Jordan allowed Iraqi troops across her border. Israel was swift to respond to this turn of events and there was a devastating pre-emptive air strike against the Egyptian airforce.

Jordanian and Syrian attacks were halted and repelled, after only six short days Israel had captured East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, the West Bank and Sinai itself.

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  1. good doc only by looking at history can we change the future

  2. Enough with all this pro jewish propaganda! I was convince that the arabs started the war, now trough this documentary i learn that it is the israeli that first started the war, yet the whole world is convinced that the arabs attacked first. It is incredible how history can be distorted in such a little time frame! And all the jews i know say that arabs attacked them first.

    • Actually, the whole world is convinced that Israel attacked, captured, raped, and pilaged a country called Palestine.

      What actually happened is that Israel liberated the West Bank from Jordanian occupation in a war that was provoked by Arab threats to destroy Israel. Some things never change.

    • Your english is disgusting

    •  The Arabs DID start this war. Nasser declared war, the armies were mobilized – Israel simply took action first.

  3. why are all anti jew comments deleted on youtube???

  4. The execution of war is very complex. And Israel rested on the seventh day.