Slavery in the Chocolate Industry

Although slavery is no longer legal there are still millions of people living in slavery today. One place and industry where slaves still exist is the cocoa industry. This documentary takes a deeper look at that industry with disturbing and challenging eyes.

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  1. ‘For’ Nestle, ‘against’ children. I’ll never buy anything but Fair Trade chocolate from now on.

  2. People suck, generally.

  3. Simple solution: Don’t buy their chocolate.

  4. If you buy Fair Trade chocolate you can be sure that the company doesn’t have children working for them. You can enjoy chocolate with pure conscience.

  5. dang it ..why does chocolate have to taste so good?? poor kids

  6. What is this Willie Wonka crap. They need go to school and have a childhood. poor kids.

  7. What do you mean they took the video down? I just watched it. Very disturbing. Those poor babies are taken from their families and forced into slavery. What’s even sadder is that some of them are sent by their families in hope of making money.

  8. The chocolate companies did not want us to see this! -They took the video down