The Smallest People in the World

There are nearly 200 types of dwarfism seen in humans and the smallest, most proportionate dwarfs are known as primordial. In this eye-opening documentary The Smallest People in the World, we follow the lives of four such dwarfs and witness their unique perspective on the world.

Those featured in this film are Danny, Hannah, Bradley and Bri, all children from the United States who are considered to be four of the smallest people in the world. Primordial dwarfism is the rarest of all 200 known types, the syndrome itself is caused by a recessive gene and all Primordial dwarfs are born to normal parents, unaffected by any form of dwarfism themselves but who both carry the gene for it.

The gene is so rare it is yet to be identified by science. There is estimated to be roughly 100 primordial dwarves living in the world, with 40 of them living in the United States.

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