A Smarter Gun?

America is a country which was founded on gun culture, the right to own one was written into their constitution. The American people as a whole possess an estimated 260 to 300 million guns, it is safe to say that firearms are not going anyway anytime soon and it would appear that any political attempts at gun control are dead in the water.

With this gun culture comes many social issues, an epidemic of mass shootings and many gun related accidents which tend to result in loss of life, these are all factors which have devastating effects on communities nationwide. As a result a small movement is taken place which seeks to change the very technology of such weaponry.

The players behind this movement are pushing to build smart guns, guns which will only work for those they belong to, they intend to achieve this via biometrics and other such security methods but these people are hitting a wall with regards to nationwide and political acceptance.

This film by VICE meets with people from both sides of the argument and attempts to find some sort of middle ground between the two.

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