Sniper: Inside The Crosshairs

The deadliest weapon on the battlefield is neither bullet nor gun; it’s the lone sniper. Journey inside the science and psychology behind the greatest shots in military history, through the scope of the world’s most extreme marksmen. Deconstruct the missions, ranging from Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan, presented by the men who were there and pulled the trigger.

For the first time on American television Canadian sniper Robert Furlong, tells the story of his history-making shot in Afghanistan – striking a Taliban fighter from 1.5 miles away. Ballistics… Tactics… Weaponry… Stalking… This two hour special examines these critical components in vivid detail, combining interviews with cinematic reenactments, CGI and present day shooting demonstrations to put the viewer squarely inside the crosshairs.

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  1. God bless our marines, especially our snipers!

  2. Just saying, this is a youtube version so nobody has to download anything. (I got a virus notification from my protection when I tried downloading the program needed to view this. ((My program is Avast))

  3. just watch in somewhere on youtube it has hd versions, no need for this codec spam crap

  4. Another gung-ho dumb f*#k show catering to the dumb f*#k gun nuts of America.

  5. y is ths not available in my countryy????????????
    wat the hell is your pb ?????

  6. Looks like THE HISTORY CHANNEL will have to update history a little!
    Awesome shot by Cpl. Harrison. As a former US Marine ground pounder that’s a hell of a shot ( 3X at that).

  7. Records been beat i’m afraid.

    “British Corporal Craig Harrison killed two Taliban with consecutive shots at a distance of 2.47 kilometres (8120 ft) in Helmand Province, Afghanistan in November (2009). He then fired a third shot and hit the Taliban’s PKM machinegun in perhaps the most prodigious feat of marksmanship in military history.”

    • Craig is really modest about it too. Whenever he is asked about it, he plays down his achievement and always says how good the conditions were.

      Hell of a shot, hell of a guy!