Sold Out: The Underground Economy of Supreme Resellers

Back in 1994, a man by the name of James Jebbia opened the first location for the brand known as Supreme, this initial small storefront was located on Lafayette Street in New York. Back then Supreme was known to be a brand for skaters but also run by skaters. The layout for the shop itself had even been designed to be wider, allowing for skaters to walk off the street into the store with their boards in hand.

Today however, 23 years later the brand Supreme is now legendary for its streetwear, it has amassed a huge cult following which has well surpassed its original skater types. Even as the brand has grown they continue to follow the same release cycles, keeping their supplies limited. This short supply has created huge demand for their products and with any new release comes lines which snake around the corner, kids camped out for hours or even days, just so they can get their hands on any Supreme item going.

The reselling world has taken full advantage of this high demand, flipping Supreme wear can earn you big bucks when the mark up is nearly 1,200 percent above the retail value. Through a number of interviews with resellers, avid collectors, and your average fans we learn why it is the brand Supreme is so popular.


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