Soul Rebel: Dub, Reggae & Sound System Culture

This short documentary explores the spiritual experience and message behind Reggae music and Dub culture. This film is an exploration of the the UK Dub, sound system phenomena, from the role of the sound system operator, to the variety of experiences on the dance floor. Produced by the Mighty Itals Studio, Wandsworth –

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  1. I love the speech of the lovely young lady on her roots. How charming and uplifting. The depth of the spirit is far reaching. This is us is what she’s saying and her beautiful roots is the source of strength, joy, and empowerment , and spiritual rejuvenation. Very Inspirational. Rasta is very soulful culture with philosophy behind the clothes, crowns and music.

  2. I saw some of this documentary on you tube. Reggae. What a beautiful sounding music. The Kilomonjaro club had the most wonderful sound. They can jam. Regular R&B doesn’t measure up to reggae. You can dance the night away until you drop to reggae. The club was surreal and the people and patrons were great in an atmosphere like no club in the world.