Spartacus – Behind The Myth

Two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire was the strongest and most powerful assembly of people on Earth. In the year 73 BC, they boasted the greatest army in the ancient world, but their army was to be taken down many times over by Spartacus – an unlikely hero who achieved an extraordinary feat that would be remembered in history for decades to come. Spartacus: Behind the Myth is a fascinating one-hour special that unveils the truth about the man who is still a legend to this day.

Unearthing intriguing new details about his origins, ingenious tactics and mysterious death, the information detailed in this documentary goes way beyond the man who was made famous by Kirk Douglas’s 1960 feature film. Combining special historical research with stunning dramatisations, find out how just one man, who lead a small band of lowly slaves that grew from 70 to 100,000, struck fear in the heart of Rome when he came close to crushing the mighty Roman Empire.

Questions about Spartacus’s origins will be answered, and new information about his slave army will be revealed by a team of leading experts who include a top psychological profiler, US Special Forces, ancient archaeologists, and historians. They will share insights to unravel the true character of this freedom fighter who took on the ancient world’s greatest power.

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  1. Rome was not an empire during the Third Servile War (The War of Spartacus). It was still a Republic.

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