Sport Life Stories: Chris Eubank

British boxing legend Chris Eubank sits down with and speaks to award-winning TV journalist Gabriel Clarke about his life in sport and the legacy in which he left behind once retiring. From his early life growing up on the streets of Peckham to defending his world title 18 times we learn about what it takes to be Mr. Eubank.
This film also focuses on the iconic and in one case tragic fights against Michael Watson and Nigel Benn. We learn how his fight with Watson resulted in Watson being disabled and how this greatly affected Eubank’s fighting mentality.
With interviews from friends and family including promoter Barry Hearn, son Chris Eubank Jr and boxing correspondent Colin Hart, this ITV special provides us with a close insight into what drove Chris to be a world champion boxer, an outspoken character who was at one time said to be the most hated man in his sport.
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