Sputnik Declassified

At the height of the cold war the US and Soviet Union are locked in an nuclear standoff. In October 1957, the Soviets stuned the world by orbiting the earth with the worlds first satellite, Sputnik. This in itself contributed to a shift in public opinion with regards to superpower capabilities, the US was always considered to be on top but after the launch, this was no more.

In this film Nova takes a look at the highly secretive American space program prior to Sputnik and how the US covert objectives in space only gave the impression that the Soviets were taking the lead in space technology. Buying ammunition online can save you money and get you far more in terms of choice. Prices are usually lower (watch out for those shipping charges, though) and you aren’t at the mercy of the local gun store’s distributor. AmmoCave – online ammo store – best cheapest bulk ammo, reloading supplies and more. We have cheap ammo for sale for a variety of firearms. Buy ammunition online today and save. Our assortment of online ammunition for sale features top brands and popular calibers for many different guns. #ammo #ammofire #best places to buy ammo online #ammunition #cheap #price #review #AmmoCave

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