Stabbed: Britain’s Knife Crime Crisis

The first person to be fatally stabbed in 2018 in the United Kingdom died just 12 minutes into the new year. Three hours later a second person is killed in a knife attack, the year goes on to become the deadliest on record with regards to knife crime and many of the victims were just teenagers.

United Kingdom has seen an alarming surge in knife crime over recent years and in this film we hear from Duwayne Brooks, a man who in 1993 witnessed his friend Stephen Lawrence being stabbed to death by a racist gang, Lawrence was just 18 years old at the time of his death.

Witnessing this left Duwayne traumatised, 25 years later he now feels he wants to take viewers on a personal journey into the current knife crime epidemic to witness the impact it is having across the nation. Meeting up with family members and friends of the victims we see how they cope in the aftermath of such violence.

As the number of people who die as a result of knife crime rises, this film becomes a powerful account of the most deadly year recorded yet.

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  1. Banning guns lead to knife crime increase. You reap what you sow.

  2. lol glad i moved out of multicultural london.

    • Lol? You can’t run away from the problems of the world. Well, not unless you live as a hermit, but that still doesn’t work because people are mammals and as such they must have human contact in order to survive.
      Where do you live now? The USA? You have a good chance of being shot at during a shooting massacre. Peaceful Japan where violent crime is barely heard of just experienced a knifing spree.
      I could name similar problems such as this in every first world country there is and it only goes downhill from there. Because you can’t run away from other people’s problems we live as a society so that their problems become our problems. In other words, even after you moved away from there, Britain’s stabbing spree’s are still your problem.

      • Speaking as a hermit, that’s a load of shit. There is no MUST for human contact. It’s better for our psyche but we will not die for lack of contact. One can get all the contact he needs through the phone and internet – two things which I have complete control over my exposure to. Your problems are not my problems and no amount of saying over an over again that they are will change that. You have a better chance of being hit by lightning than being shot in the US according to statistics. Should we just not go outside since any time we do we’re exposing ourselves to unlimited amounts of danger that have nothing whatsoever to do with guns or knives? One thing you Utopians need to understand is that as long as HUMAN BEINGS are around there will never be a utopia. It’s impossible. If we don’t fight over one thing it will be something else.