Stabbed: The Truth About Knife Crime

A first hand examination of the knife crime epidemic which is currently plaguing the United Kingdom. We hear from the police, local councils and relatives of teenagers who have been stabbed to death. The filmmakers also get talking to a mother who is now releasing the CCTV footage of the stabbing which fatally wounded her son in the hope that it raises awareness for knife crime and how anyone can be affected by it, not just gang members.

The police discuss a new anti-gang strategy which sets about warning parents who have kids leading secret lives of gang activity before it is too late. We hear from Scottish teenagers who for the first time speak on camera about their experiences being stabbed and wearing the scars with pride.

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  1. You would be mad to go out without a knife in the UK.

  2. thats why i always carry a knife on me when i go out, were caught in a spiral i guess. But when you have a bastard with a knife you need a good guy with a knife i say