Stalin: Inside The Terror

In the early hours of March 2nd 1953, the most powerful man in the world lay dying alone. He had suffered a stroke at least 12 hours before, his guards were worried but they did not dare go into his bedroom. How is it that a man who was worshiped by millions could be left to lie helpless soaked in his own urine for so long?

Stalin had built an empire on a framework of terror justifying it in the name of a political faith and through this terror he ruled his country, his government, his party and his family. He had even gone as far as to terrorise the doctors he so desperately needed at the time of his stroke. Now there was no one left, no wife, child, lover or friend who was brave enough to enter the private world of Joseph Stalin, he had in a sense become a victim of his own reign of terror. This is the story of how Stalin came to be so feared.

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  1. At age 12,Stalin injured his left arm in an accident involving a horse-drawn carriage, rendering it shorter and stiffer than its counterpart.

  2. the people who own the media are just becoming aware of their power and they use it with no respect even to their own lives. they make this man sound good and regarded well by the people, which in itself is a lie. no group of people ruled over by power love the power that rules them, they may fear it, but never love it. i find his death a fitting justice to the life lived. he was dealt with as everyone will be. people often live their lives with utter disregard to those they hurt as if to step over them. i have seen it countless times in my own life.
    america’s ruling class have grown drunk on its power and on some level believe they are above the law, what they fail to understand is who holds that power firmly in his hands. we serve righteous GOD and when he delivers justice it is swift and final. america had done itself in and there is no turning back, the government will finish what it has started and then it will pay for the damage it has done for evermore. it is the only thing that makes life worth doing is the fact that those who hurt with disregard will pay dearly for their crimes and crimes it is.
    when a woman takes the children from a man she does not understand nor does she care the pain and anguish she causes, but she will if she is wise, she will pray her thoughts get right before she hurts those she claims to love. the children probably suffer the most, forced to call a stranger friend, muchless dad. just as eve did mankind end in the garden, woman cuts off its neck as these end days rush up on us now. our faith sealed by the one who’s love holds the key to happiness, she failed to understand the power she had, so she misused it…