Stalin’s Ape Man

In the MonsterQuest episode entitled “Stalin’s Ape Man”, the team takes a look at the reports of half man, half ape creatures in the former Soviet Union. There are reports that Stalin authorized a project to create an ape-man army in the 1920s. A Russian historian claims to have the remains of a descendent from a Bigfoot type creature known as an Abanu. They look at the possibility that Bigfoot and Abanu sightings are a result of an evolutionary throwback condition known as atavism. The MonsterQuest team takes a look at what is behind these stories.

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  1. Link is now apparently terminated. Here’s another one (of many) on the matter

  2. Agreed. Terrible quality and no way to correct it.

  3. The video quality is terrible,why post it?You cant see anything !!!!

  4. Crazy stuff right here…

  5. I was out as soon as I heard the narrator’s American accent. Sorry, but I want to watch documentaries, not 43min movie trailers with dramatic music.