We Stand Alone Together

Most of you will be well aware of HBO’s critically acclaimed television mini-series Band of Brothers, well We Stand Alone Together serves as an epilogue of sorts to this. Through a number of interviews with the actual former soldiers who are depicted in “BoB” we learn first hand of the horror they experienced. The way this documentary is shot really captures the essence of perhaps being a young boy, listening to your grandfathers war stories.

Archival footage of the actual events is combined with the tales of these men to really immerse you into their stories. If you have ever seen “BoB” you will understand how truly spectacular it is but there is something about hearing from the men who were actually there that adds a deeper level of meaning.

Through their tales we learn of the surprising respect that the American soldiers had for the Germans, they seemed to understand that they were humans just like them but simply due to circumstance were to now be considered enemies.

To further touch on the point made above, it is sobering to remember that most soldiers who fought in World War II were simply common people who now found themselves on the frontline, this really adds to their accomplishments, one can only imagine what it must have been like to return to the life they left behind if they were lucky enough to survive.

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