Stanley Kubrick: The True Story Of The Genius Movie Director

In our modern world our average day may consist of Facetiming family and friends, playing games online or asking Alexa to complete a task for us. These tasks have only become apart of our lives in the last decade or so but they were envisioned and shown on screen way back in 1968, all thanks to the mind and visionary talents of the iconic Stanley Kubrick in his film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

2001 was of course just one of many of films Kubrick made in his illustrious career, he was a filmmaker who broke the mould, followed his own rules and was always looking for a new path to take as he planned his next film. If you thought his films were complicated, deep and full of meaning then just imagine what the whole production was like.

From page one all the way to the final cut Kubrick was all in and a man often described as a perfectionist and control freak all in a positive way. From A Clockwork Orange to Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick has created some of the most iconic films in Hollywood history and this films attempts to break them down for you.


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