Stargazing Live

Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain host three days of live stargazing featuring epic images from observatories around the globe.

Episode 1:
Jonathan Ross is shown how to use a telescope. Brian explains why planets are spheres. Hawaii becomes home to Liz, who tells us about Mars and Mark gives tips on how to take brilliant night photographs.

Episode 2:
Liz shows us images of the sun, Brian explains how we know where every planet will be at a certain time, Liz talks about blackouts from CMEs. We are shown images of the Andromida Galaxy, our nearest neighbour, and a weirdo talks about sound in Apace.

Episode 3:
Brian talks to the astronauts on board the International Space Station,Mark gives amateur stargazers a chance to watch the Quadrantid Meteor Shower, Liz looks at the night skies from beautiful Hawaii nd shows us some of the telescopes, Dara goes on top of the Lovell telescope at their HQ in Jodrell Bank Observatory, The team talk to a European astronaut, Dara is tipped up to experience what an astronaut does.

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  1. to listen to this clown (dara or something or other) is painful, why doesn’t he shut up and let Mr.Cox to explain, instead of acting stupid (must be his natural state) and interrupting him. everyone has a right to be stupid at some time but this fatso with no brain is abusing the privilege

  2. We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with valuable information to paintings on. You’ve done a formidable activity and our entire community will probably be thankful to you.

  3. Hey dude this is seriously a good product, where has this been all my life

  4. Jonathan Ross is a fucktard.

  5. Sorry to all in UK for this.  Brian, you’d do better on your own.
      I’m ashamed    Forget Liz Bonin, for a moment.
     I’m afraid to watch Dara O’B.  Just 3 minutes in…I can’t go further.  Is this last year’s effort c Jan 2011.  It must be; as one can’t be that stupid to go with bob hat twice.   I want an eclipse of you, DOB.  
      By saying this and the following, I am going to increase you popularity, no doubt, but there it is.  
     Mr O’B.   Apart from being unintentionally funny (not unlike many Irish comics) and not being able to speak clearly (like most Irish comics) -ok-3 out of 7 which is less than most, but a significant number, I’d say-by digression-a significant number ok- have lisps or other curious oral handicaps. 
     The current token Irish flavour of the last decade(maybe it only feels that long)  or ‘new Terry Wogan’ is not even that —–drole (an attribute which one can find in any office or building)
     …but he is a a very very busy, businessman.
     He did well on one show about 5 years ago, as front man.  He was on form.  
    Subsequently-a raft (sadly literally) of TV progs followed.   What were Gryff and Rory thinking? . 
     So many hysterically unfunny programmes later–DOB -when not appearing at an awards show, with a dwarf on his shoulders (never a good look for an Irishman)-is seemingly blissfully unaware that the joke is on him!.  

      He is the worst of Oirish—a little nervous a la Eamonn Andrews; a little pretentious like that forgotten but not gone  Henry ‘game for a laugh-now classic music ‘Kelly; and a little too Terry “oh-I’m so post modern ironic’ Wogan.
     There are quite a few of the aforementioned types here in Ireland still.  When not Woganised from birth-or as we know it ‘G Byrnised’ -many go on to ludicrously lucrative careers talking among each other on ‘media’.  Which reminds me in horrible flashback.  Didn’t ‘we’ send the latest ‘tosser’ Tubridy for a ‘taster’ at the BBC this summer.   Like DOB-I couldn’t -just couldn’t force myself to listen to it-even if it confirmed -all my aforementioned prejudices. 
     We cannot keep sending these fools to the poor UK audience
     I am Irish after all, less proud than before perhaps-(but still with a real sense of what that word entails ) -when I visit Aviation and Science establisments from San Diego to Cape Canaveral and DC to  Berlin, via Geneva -and most locations in between.  

     [email protected]


    • As an Englishman myself I find Dara OB a good laugh and well worth my time. Quite frankly after his many years on the BBC and work with Mock the Week he has also accumulated a thoroughly invested audience.

  6. LOL and these guys are paid professionals? Who paid to make this? No wonder we are taught so much theory and lack any true experimentation. Plasma cosmology is demonstratable with rigorous experimentation. These guys in this film are quacks.

    • You have no idea what Brian Cox has done for the UK public and making science popular and exciting again do you? The work he does for Cern? The shear scale of work he has done for science and research, for the World!, is astonishing. He is picking up where the great Carl Sagan left of! Do your own research on the individuals before you blabber on about stuff you hardly know, otherwise you will be perceived as a person with a bad representation.

    • You’ve summed up the BBC in such a Lucid way.

  7. i wonder what did that woman on hawaii had to do to get that reporter job…i can think of some things but i wont write them here o.O

  8. What a brilliant series. I personally have enjoyed many hours staring through my 8″ telescope and still find it to be the most fascinating and exciting of all the sciences. We should encourage our younger generations to look into the skies and learn about the universe we live in.