Statesmen is a portrait of three American men and their relationship with the world around them. Donny is a 60-year old paper boy, Mike makes his living fishing for crabs, and Don Mike whiles away his time in a trailer shooting squirrels. Three different backgrounds, three different states; each narrative reveals embers of the old American dream still glowing in the modern American man.

Director – Tom Goudsmit
Producer – Adam Brichto

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  1. Good people, salt of the earth. The kind of people elite liberals think are worthless and deplorable and not worth a second look.

  2. Excellent film

  3. Not bad lil doc. No point really but the characters are fun to listen to and watch. Just a glimpse into someone elses life which was nice.

  4. A beautiful documentary that inspires us all to appreciate the simple greatness in life and freedom. 

    I wrote a reaction to the documentary on my blog….

  5. Brilliant!

  6.  That was just what I needed , thanks!