Stephen Fry in America: New World

Stephen Fry was very nearly an American. Just before Stephen was born, his father was offered a job at Princeton University, but chose to turn it down. And so, Stephen was born in NW3 rather than in NJ, New Jersey.

In this six-part series he travels, mostly in a London cab, through all 50 states of the country that he could have nearly called home and which has always fascinated him.

In this first episode, he explores the states that make up New England, before heading south to the nation’s capital and ending up at the civil war battlefield of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania.

Presidential hopefuls in New Hampshire, witches in Salem, nuclear submariners in Connecticut, deer hunters, small time mobsters in NYC, socialites in Rhode Island, lobster fishermen in Maine, ice cream blenders in Vermont and card washers in New Jersey – Stephen meets them all as he takes the road through the autumn colors to uncover what really makes America tick.

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  1. America is a continent.  Not a country.  The United States of America is a country, and its citizens should be proud in saying that they’re from the USA. If you say you’re from America, that could any country in the continent, from Canada to Chile, to Peru, Uruguay and even Brazil.

    • *North america is a continent consisting of Mexico, U.S. (America) as the rest of the world knows it , and Canada one landmass. (fact)

      *South america is also a continent. Chile, Uraguay, Peru, and even Brazil believe it or not. I don’t know if they teach you that in *American schools, Sorry *U.S.A schools

      Some advice from a friendly neighbor to to the north. Read a map

      • Actually there are 23 countries in North America not just 3 and it’s not all one big land mass. The USA is the only country to include the Word America and therefore it is appropriate for to be called simply America.

  2. I am from america!

  3. I am from america!

  4. This was retarded and adorable.  Stephen Fry thinks that Americans have a stereotype about some random piece of crap state like Maine.. hahahahaha.

    Here’s our stereotype about “Mainians”: No one gives a shit, shut up.  Sportscenter is on.