Still Berning

As we are all now aware, Bernie Sanders lost the primaries to Hillary Clinton as the US presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. But it was a loss which ironically marked the beginning rather than the end, the start of a political movement.

In the run up to the election Bernie’s campaign made history by receiving a record number of donations from individual citizens and not rich corporate types hailing from Wall Street. In the future this could drastically alter the way elections are won, reducing the power in which we see bankers and Super PACS having today.

With the rise of new technology there is a real potential to make campaigning far more accessible and affordable to those who typically wouldn’t have had the opportunities before. Bernie’s urgent campaign message about income inequality and the economy of the 99% has galvanised this new movement into action beyond the primaries, at a time when many people of the Millennial generation and in the middle class find themselves squeezed in a post-crisis economic reality.

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