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Ok, so seen as the first DocumentaryHeaven blog post wasn’t really a proper one but more of an introduction, I thought I’d kick things off with a mind tickling journey through some of the more interesting concepts or “Mindfucks” us homo-sapiens have derived / encountered throughout our collective earthly venture.

Math May Not Actually Exist

Sounds a bit crazy you might say and I’d agree but recently there have been a number of scientists that are saying math is simply a product of the human brain, meaning its created by humans rather than discovered by us i.e. if math was discovered then math exists regardless of there being of humans or not. This results in mathematical concepts actually existing within our universe leaving room for undiscovered concepts to exist hidden in nature and all we have to do is hunt them down. This is the commonly accepted opinion by most mathematicians but there are some that say math was merely created by us humans as a sort of language to help us and us alone understand the workings of the universe.

What do you think?

Imagining Dimensions Beyond The Third


Dimensions ahh, who doesn’t love the process of imagining a world consisting of dimensions beyond the third! Well in actual fact this exercise probably induces more headaches than anything else, seen as our brains by design are incapable of imagining additional dimensions. This is simply down to the fact that we are 3D beings assembled in a 3D world. The task of describing such extra dimensions can be quite overwhelming, so I’m just going to leave you with a nice concise video to do the job for me.

Quantum Suicide and Immortality

QuantumImmortality Quantum Suicide is a thought experiment that was originally conceived in 1987 by Hans Moravec but later independently developed by Max Tegmark in 1998. It is one of those ideas that really squeezes your brain juices in an effort to produce an elixir of profound contemplation. The idea goes a little something like, get yourself one unobservable room, a healthy physicist and death inducing device i.e. a gun. However it so happens that this gun contains a moving particle and only fires when the particle is moving counterclockwise. There is a 50% chance of this.

The Idea is that the physicist is situated in this room alone, holds the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. If the particle is moving counterclockwise we have one dead body and a hell of a mess on our hands (Quantum Suicide), otherwise a misfire is witnessed and the lucky physicist gets to have another go, fun right! Well probability would have you believe that under these circumstances there is a 50% chance of survival for the first iteration and if you were unlucky enough to die in this sick and twisted room of disparity there is a definite 0% chance of survival, right.

Here is where it gets interesting, Quantum Immortality supposes that at this point the universe splits into two, one where the physicist is dead and one where he is alive. However because in one universe his consciousness is permanently terminated, the physicist can only consciously perceive the other, the one in which he survived. This means that the physicist will only ever experience the gun misfiring and therefore allow for immortality, in his eyes alone.

At this point however if you were to introduce an observer they may very well witness the death of a crazed suicidal physicist and think nothing more of it, as their consciousness remains unaffected by this entire bizarre and can continue going about their business in that particular universe.

This is merely a thought experiment that currently rests unproven however there are many real world examples that help provide evidence that such quantum operations may exist. One of which is Photosynthesis, it is a known fact that the process of Photosynthesis uses a quantum transport system to figure out the most efficient way to guide incoming light hitting a leaf and store it as energy in a plant or tree’s reaction centers. The light is said to travel through all routes first before choosing the most efficient and because of this it is theoretically possible that your conciseness does something similar and follows all stems of your life choices, ultimately choosing the one where you live the longest.

Here is a little video to help you process the mindfuckery that is Quantum Immortality:

Quantum Computing (Side Point)

Hopefully by now your mind is flowing with intrigue! but while we are on the topic of all things quantum I thought I would touch on the very real fact that the age of Quantum Computing is now truly upon us. Last week saw a record set in the ability to maintain a quantum computer at room temperature for 39 minutes. This is a very big leap in bringing the reality of quantum computing that much closer to consumer viability and is said to be 10 times longer than previous attempts.

What is Quantum Computing exactly? well it is similar to traditional computing in its operation except for the fact that it uses quantum bits or qubits to operate instead of typical bits found in computers. These qubits are atomic particles that when retained in a superposition can be both 1 and 0 at the same time. This might not mean very much to you but just to express how ludicrously absurd the potential of this is, say we have a Quantum Computer with only a few hundred qubits this now has the potential to contain more bit correlation’s then there are atoms in the universe. A quantum computer of this size would potentially be more powerful than all traditional computers combined.

For more check this out:

Your Brain Might Naturally Produce a Schedule 1 Drug Prior to Death


Thats right, In the 1990’s while a Dr. Rick Strassman was conducting some research at the University of New Mexico in the field of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), he came to the controversial conclusion that a massive release of this schedule 1 drug was produced by our pineal gland or third eye when we approached death. It is now thought that this could be the explanation behind the near death experience phenomenon.

Some of the doctors test subjects upon consuming DMT reported extreme audio or visual hallucinations and others reported to have made contact with “other beings”. At the minute there is no solid scientific publications supporting Dr. Strassman’s hypothesis. There are however a lot of startling similarities between reported near death experiences and DMT trips and in 2012 Dr. Strassman along with two others developed a new means of testing for DMT metabolites and for the first time in history they successfully detected the DMT-N-Oxide metabolite in human blood and urine thus confirming it is naturally produced in our bodies but the question still remains is it produced when near death and if so is it just natures way of easing us through the ordeal of dying or can there be more to it than that?



Anyway I hope you have enjoyed my first attempts at a blog post, I imagine there will be plenty more to come and if you think you have something you would like to write about and think it fits in with the ways of DocumentaryHeaven please get in touch, Peace!

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  1. I love the quantum immortality video, It re-raises the question of if my consciousness is in an isolated universe and everybody else is just a quantum probability that maybe didn’t work, or if this universe in which I am flowing my consciousness is necessarily unified with all others at their highest probability of survival.

    • I’d have to agree, the idea of quantum immortality really is one of those things that sounds way too crazy to be true but then again the world of quantum mechanics is a strange one and with such real world examples of similar operations existing like Photosynthesis, Quantum Computing and lets not forget the famous Double-Slit Experiment who’s to say it’s not true. All in all these are some pretty interesting times to be alive.

  2. It is simply not true that “the standard description of antimatter is that it is moving backwards in time”. That is simply a lie.

    • And there’s more bullshit. It is also not true that moving through curved dimensions is because those dimensions are curved in higher dimensions. General Relativity is based on INtrinsic curvature.