Stories of the Kosovo War

In late February of 1998 conflict erupted in Kosovo between the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia forces and the Kosovo Albanian rebel group known as the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) whom had air support provided by NATO. This conflict lasted until 11 June 1999. A study carried out estimated that the population has suffered 12,000 deaths.

In this film we hear from the son of two Albanian immigrants from Kosovo who travelled to the United States in the 1980’s just before the situation there worsened. He himself was born and grew up in the US but over time reconnected with his heritage.

In 2018 he travelled to Kosovo for the summer, meeting his family over there whilst also collecting stories from those same family members, friends and strangers in order to get a better understanding for one of Europes deadliest conflicts since WWII.


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  1. joke of a war, NATO backed a Muslim insurgency and stole Serb land