Story of Korean War in Colour

June 25th 2010, marked the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of a merciless conflict that brought the world to the brink of nuclear armageddon and scarred a nation so deeply that it is still bitterly divided.

From the originators of the acclaimed ‘In-Colour’ genre of documentaries, Stewart Binns and Adrian Wood, Korea the Forgotten War in Colour tells the story of the war through the powerful colour imagery, emotive musical score and dramatic soundscape that are the hallmarks of Binns’ and Wood’s productions.

Using original colour material telecined at source directly from film to HD, much of it recently discovered and never broadcast before, Korea the Forgotten War in Colour offers a unique insight into a conflict that saw East confront West, communism challenge liberal democracy and Korean fight Korean in a bloody civil war.

Most of the footage for Korea the Forgotten War in Colour has been sourced from stunning 35mm original material and includes exclusive access to the secretive North Korean Archives in Pyongyang. This unique footage is supported by newly unearthed material from sources in the former Eastern Bloc and China and previously censored footage from the National Archives in Washington.

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  1. Tl;dr – This is a vivid propaganda film rich with powerful footage and inane political undertones,

    Story of Korean War in Colour is a documentary that details the major points in the Korean Peninsula Conflict through the lens of Western Dominant ideology. The narrator (read:the writers) finds a different way to say “communist scum” every three minutes, whilst consistently referring to the American side as “the U.N.”. While it is true that the whole fracas started under the auspices of a UN Police Action, it was decidedly not a coalition of allies seeking an ultimate objective. This was an aftershock of World War II. The men in suits (business interest) had decided to vilify all forms of Socialism in all places as a direct threat to peace (read: profit). This line was taken up by a large percentage of the diplomatic and policy bourgeoisie in Washington, with the general progression over the late 40’s toward the zero sum perspective of geopolitics. By the time of the Korean Conflict, too many had said too much to not fight over a disagreement over economics. Add to this the historical cultural tension and the vacuum of Japanese ascendancy and you get the makings of a vicious, civil war hidden beneath an over analysed but little understood Police Action. It was in this conflict that the dominance of US firepower was turned from fact into myth. This was the series of battles that would make permanent the divide between China and the US. This is where America calcified in its disgust and dehumanization of the “gook”, the “red”, and primitive eastern culture. It is sad and perplexing as to how a completely avoidable bush war spiraled into the longest continued (read: unabated) conflict of the 20th Century. Indeed, if the events of late 2013 are to be believed vis a vis the apprehended war vet, then the conflict continues. All this to say that the War was complicated and largely unnecessary. This will not be the conclusion of the ignorant upon finishing this program. To the contrary, they will come to believe that commie aggression and mystical eastern madness predicated the Peninsular conflict. The music alone should win an award for jingoistic poignancy.

    Unfortunately, as bad as the narration and writing is, the visuals are stunning and stark. There are long strings of archival footage punctuated by grim war image capture. The veracity of chronology is in question, as at many points the weather on screen is not consistent with the weather in the narrative. Despite the severely misguided narrative, this doc is worth a watch. I recommend you find a good lecture on the War, Game Theory, or Sun Tsu, and watch this on mute with that playing.

    • Aw so sorry your beloved communists weren’t portrayed like you wanted. The fact that your probably a western citizen makes your page of rhetoric all the more sad. Please go east. Your not wanted I assure you in the west. Traders are shot. Bye now, enjoy your crumbling communist cities and be sure to carry extra cash for bribes and blackmail. Poor fool.

      • He is a western fool lol…suitable for a communist society!! He would do well in Soviet Union or maoist china lol…..where he should go hahhhaa!!! Soo sad that such people exist!! I am totally with you, cheers!!!!

      • *you’re

        I understand that thinking about stuff can be painful, but I urge you to
        reread what i wrote, then comment on the themes of my contribution as
        opposed to my imagined character flaws. Ad hominem attacks are the
        biggest indicator of poor reading/listening comprehension within a
        I do not think you are as stupid as your
        writing is, so i would love to hear if you: A) actually watched the doc
        B) propaganda applies to any information packaged in a way to portray actors, typically opposed, in a controlled light C) realize that it is ok to have a different opinion, but
        if it is based on knee jerk jingoism you sound like a teenager.