The Struggle For Oil

In April 2010, the drilling rig deepwater horizon blew up in the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 780 million liters of crude oil poured into the Gulf, unleashing the most severe ecological disaster in the history of the United States. Is our insatiable thirst for all this oil driving us into these catastrophes?

Still, we are floating in energy, making the day out of night and oil is the motor of modern civilization. Without fuel, neither mobility nor prosperity can continue at its current speed. Every day we are burning 14 billion liters of this precious substance. Has our addiction forced us into a fatal trap in just a few generations? This is The Struggle For Oil, a film that takes a look into High-Tech-Labs in Russia, the US, Austria, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, to drill deeper into the science of oil. But, at the same time attempting to find out, what might be the truth behind the increasing shortage of the Black Gold’, commonly named “peak-oi”… the race is on.

Directed by: Volker Barth

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