This documentary about stupidity tells us the history of the word
“moron”, the difference between stupid, moron, smart, intelligent,
genius and questions the regular practice of classifying peoples
intelligence through standardized IQ tests. Of course also Mr. Bush is
examined in this report. A well educated guy who, nevertheless, acts
in a completely dumb way – or at least wants us to believe so.

Albert Einstein said:

“Only two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity.
And I am not sure about the former.”

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  1. Is $ 35 too much to pay to take a Free Stupidity Test?

  2. f**king idiots, fun viewing! soo inspirational I wrote a song about it!

  3. Frustratingly pedantic.

  4. IQ test’s test your cognitive skills (language, arithmetic, associative, analytic, spatial). Basically they evaluate how well/quick can you learn. Some people understand right away, some need more time. The IQ test doesn’t take into consideration the capability of training your brain by learning, remembering etc. So the more you train your brain the better your cognitive skills become. Nowadays many things are done automatically without involving ant thinking process. If one does not use his brain often enough his cognitive skills get worse.

  5. yep,  most valid statement in this doc,

    Yo mrs D, bum sex!!

  6. Bush, really? Are you people ever EVER gonna stop with that juvenile nonsense about Bush being dumb? The facts simply don’t serve your narrative. Dragging out this cheap trite silliness makes you look like someone with a lazy brain, to put it kindly, and makes the Title of this POS more that a little ironic

    • Bush is unintelligent and has little knowledge of the world.In my book that makes him dumb. His daddy probably bought him his degree and made him president.  If his daddy was not Bush senior he would probably clean bathrooms or park cars. He was a retarded leader that had advisers that did most of the work for him. He didn’t have to understand anything. Same thing with Sarah Palin. If you think they are smart, than what do you consider stupid?

      • Obama. The man is so stupid he can’t even speak without having a teleprompter hooked up in front of him. The man is so completely out of touch with reality it’s both sad and absolutely terrifying. Scout is right, no pun intended. People who think Bush is stupid obviously don’t care enough to think for themselves and buy into the crap that he is stupid. At least he had his own ideas instead of being a mindless puppet that has a panic attack when his script fails.

        • Wow, really? This again? I’ve seen him speaking without a teleprompter many
          times, and he’s actually a good speaker. This whole teleprompter thing
          is nonsense. What’s wrong with using a teleprompter? Many politicians have used teleprompters, including Ronald Reagan, and Lyndon B Johnson. Its use goes as far back as 1964 (maybe farther). Suddenly this is unacceptable? Sounds like his detractors were just trying to find some way to denigrate him.

    • I’m not dumb enough to think that Bush isnt!

  7. Everyone is stupid in one aspect of life.

    Did Americans produce this?

  8. What’s kind of sad is that really when watching this, I was just getting excited to see Canadian locations (definitely the Banff springs hotel) and actors (Fubar, made in my own city!). So I guess if that’s what I’m most excited about, this documentary must not be very good. It’s pretty stupid.

  9. good documentary worth a watch,

    the problem defining the word as the documentary reveals was that in its infancy was applied to people with serious Cognitive declines , unable to fend for themselves. Over time the term has been degenerating and used to offend others or as a qualifier non-rational actions.

    if an action (stupid) is rewarded through a stimulus (peer recognition), the action is going to be strengthened (and worse, improved), Its the Same in this case.

    the biggest problem is not with the one who performs the stupid action but in the ones that celebrate or encourage the act.

    • I don’t that, “non-rational” actions is a good definition of stupidity. For one thing, most of our actions are non-rational, we mostly operate intuitively, on unconscious psychological motivations and modal behavior. This is because unconscious action is generally more useful (evolutionarily fit) than conscious rational behavior.

      Like art and pornography we all just “know it when we see it” when it comes to stupidity. Personally, I don’t believe that it exists, I don’t think that there is even a nearly objective way to measure it, we aren’t at that point in understanding cognition.

      I think that, what we mean by “stupid” has to do with affinity. The people who are closest to us in their thinking we consider smart. People who have advanced beyond us in the same line of thinking are considered brilliant. People who are on a completely different line are considered ignorant, particularly if they are intolerant of our line of thinking. So, it’s not a matter of how smart or stupid someone is, it’s how closely their brain functions to our own, and in what way. In that sense, attaching a value judgement to stupidity is pretty, well, stupid.

  10. This movie is pure garbage. It’s in such poor taste. Nice job getting cheap laughs off interviewing obviously slow individuals.

  11. stupid=stagnant
    stupid=bad maners
    stupid=evil at heart
    stupid=fun for the moment
    stupid=IQ 1…..X
    stupid=why not?
    stupid=human nature
    stupid=past,present and future
    stupid=Kanye West
    stupid=lieing to one self
    stupid=do not brag about it
    stupid=necesary for “The Man”
    stupid=evident pt cei ce nu sunt

  12. Guerilla is not as you say. As you saw only 7,8 books were wrriten about stupidy and it can’t be measured or stuff like that. I don’t know if you watched the documentary but is not that bad as you are saying. It has some good and funny parts.

  13. This documentary is pretty, well, stupid.

    Not only do they completely fail to define stupidity, or quantify it, or demonstrate what it is.

    Just a bunch of insecure intellectuals, relating their opinions, about a subject that they have completely failed to understand.

    One big old facepalm of a documentary.