Such Hawks Such Hounds

Such Hawks Such Hounds explores the music and musicians of the American hard rock underground circa 1970-2007, focusing on the psychedelic and ’70s proto-metal-derived styles that have in recent years formed a rich body of unclassifiable sounds.

his is a great documentary film by John Srebalus about heavy music of USA. Music , interviews, live and some of the heavy metal, stoner, doom and drone legends from 1970 till now. More than one hour of great music, historic point of views, attitude and great people.

Chat with : Mario Lalli, Eddie Glass, Tom Davies, Greg Anderson, Stephen McCarthy , Geof O’Keefe, Al Cisneros, Chris Hakius, Lori S., Joey Osbourne, Mark Arm, Isaiah Mitchell, Scott Wino Weinrich, Mario Rubalcaba, Mike Eginton, Joe Preston, Scott Reeder, Tony Tornay, Larry Lalli, Brant Bjork, Matt Pike, Ethan Miller, Noel Von Harmonson, Ian Christe, Joe Carducci, Tony Presedo, Laurel Stearns, Chris Kosnik, Bob Pantella, Finn Ryan, Michael Gibbons, Jenny McGee, Billy Anderson, Arik Roper, Randy Huth, Josh Martin, Jason Simon, Steve Kille, Nicky Emmert, Stephen O’Malley, John Gibbons, Isobel Sollenberger

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  1. Hello Stephen McCarthy

    Greetings from Denmark. My grandmother and your grandmother was
    sisters (from the family Jacobsen in Nakskov)

  2. This is exactly the kind of music I love! Always has been. So glad that so many new bands are breathing new life into it. I loved what that one guy said about how cocaine ruined rock. I really wish there was more of a scene for this kind of music in LA. Thanks for the excellent documentary. So many interesting insights and terrific tracks. Loved the live footage, too.

  3. I didn’t know a lot about this genre but great documentary! Great to see The Groundhogs & Hawkwind mentioned, don’t forget The Pink Fairies though!

  4. I didn’t know a lot about this genre but great documentary! Great to see The Groundhogs & Hawkwind mentioned, don’t forget The Pink Fairies though!

  5. now slow southern steel needs to be on here! and rad movie i am a huge fan of this genre and have met alot of people that are on this documentary.


  7. Overall this is a great documentary. I liked the fact that it specially focuses on independent artists; being independent in creating your music overshadows anything else; being independent is the true quintessence of rock music. I salute all the artists. Furthermore, the documentary focuses exclusively on the ‘stoner metal’ scene which I’m not personally a devoted follower of the genre; however, I will check out some more music on some of these bands. Keep supporting indie rock/meta!

    Lord Malignus
    Chief Director
    Evolution Rock Metal Podcast