Suffer The Little Children

Suffer The Little Children is a documentary by NBC which aired in 1968, this ground-breaking film set about exposing the Pennhurst State School which has since been described as the shame of a nation. Having opened it’s doors in November of 1908, this state-funded school / hospital became extremely overcrowded within a short period of time, taking in those who were suffering from mental illness or criminals, orphans, etc. i.e. people who could not be housed elsewhere. The school quickly became the center of a human rights movement which eventually revolutionized America’s approach to mental healthcare.

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  1. Anilos Glassdildo Holly Bryn

  2. Now that you cleared that up, I can watch the video without worrying about its or it’s.

  3. The description says “it’s doors.” “It’s is a contraction for “it is” or “it has.” It is not a possessive.

    • Thank god that you saw it; to clear that up for everyone. This site and possibly the world would’ve come undone without your eagle eyed proofreading. In actual fact, I myself would have read it , but by the spelling and grammer errors I would have been cast adrift in a world of confusion!!