Sugar Crash

Something has gone very wrong with the Irish diet, the consumption of sugar has tripled over the last 100 years and it seems to be everywhere. Unless something dramatic is done the children of today may be the first generation in centuries to have shorter life expectancies than their parents.

When consumed in excess it can cause liver damage, hearth attacks, strokes, kidney disease, blindness, amputation and depression, but unfortunately the politics behind sugar are the same as those behind tobacco. 35 years ago we had children’s cartoons aimed at getting children to start smoking and the same it seems can be said for the sugar industry of today. In 50 years time will we look back in horror as we do today with regards to cigarettes?

In this Irish documentary released by RTÉ, Dr Eva Orsmond takes a closer investigative look into the issues surrounding the consumption sugar.

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  2. Don’t be scared of the sugar, be scared of oil and salt people! – Check this out

    • Educate yourself? Yes be very scared of sugar! And your body NEEDS fats, it does not NEED Carbs! Also if you didn’t get any salt, you would die from dehydration!