Released in 2001, Suicide is a film directed by Eames Yates and explores the suicide of his own brother which occurred two years prior to this films release. Eames’ brother Teddy was 40 when he shot himself whilst at home, this action sent Eames on a heart-rending journey into the depths of his brothers mindset leading up to his suicide.

The film addresses some fundamental questions surrounding the issue, such as: what kind of despair can lead to a person taking their own life? Was there anything that could have been done in order to prevent this? For someone who has never experienced depression the idea of taking their own life may seem very alien but Suicide attempts to shed some light on the issue by taking a closer look at the thought patterns and living environments involved.

Through a number of interviews we also hear form experts in the field whom all help further the understanding of this great tragedy.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find this movie? I have been looking everywhere for it. I cannot find anything on the internet, you tube or otherwise. I’ve used every way to search I can think of.

    • I can’t find it either. I do have one of the songs used in the documentary that I think is unique though. I can email it to you just tell me your email address if you want. I can’t seem to post a link in this comment section.

  2. This Eames guy is a judgemental asshole.

  3. Hearing the first 911 call, I couldn’t continue watching. It was to painful to listen to. Heartbreaking.

    • this one does not hold back.. thankfully the photos are of poor quality,
      otherwise, potentially unwatchable for the well adjusted or empathetic.
      turning it off doesn’t change the situation though, mental health
      support does, Jaime.