The Summer Of Rave, 1989

Great British summers may not come often but when they do people all across the nation start shedding not only their clothes but their inhibitions too and if summertime is party time the scorcher which was the summer of 1989 was one long party from beginning to end.

1989 saw young people were turning their backs on the rat race and throwing themselves into a hedonistic rush of new music and new drugs. It was as though the new generation has found their expression and all around the world other people seemed to be finding theirs. From pro-democracy movements in China to breaking down borders in Eastern Europe it was truly a time of change and Britain’s homegrown youth revolution sent shivers up the spine of middle England.

Featuring interviews with many rave promoters, newspaper editors, and the bands who made it big on the back of rave culture, we learn how the summer of 1989 became known as the “second summer of love”.

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