The Super-Rich and Us

The super-rich are taking over, 85 people own the same wealth as half the worlds population, never before has money been so polarised. In this two part BBC series Jacques Peretti decides to take it upon himself to find out how the super-rich changed Britain, but are they benefiting the public, making us richer or simply creating a more divided society? and who sold us the idea that the super-rich would make the nations people better off. This is the story of the super-rich and us.

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  1. the rules of the universe involve a protocol: that certain disclosure must take place before the complacent might be gouged. Thence the organ of the state media divulging certain aspects, as it were. The modicum of justice is that irregardless of how wealthy a minority might become, their incompetence will eventually cause their money to become worthless. The secrets of true economics only divulge themselves to those who don’t seek to use that knowledge to become rich…

  2. documentaries are doctors for the mind; ergo doc u mentory …

  3. Great documentary, not a fan of the title either because I originally thought it was some nonsense about “living large” or something. Is it really unbiased to simply state the facts as they are? Its the ridiculous way that most media outlets try to provide “bias” when in reality the other side doesn’t have any evidence and it just confuses the viewer “the sky is blue! No it isnt!”.

  4. Why does the title have to be the Super-Rich and Us? Is the audience purposely for what the BBC deems as the lower classes? I mean the documentary tries to be unbiased, but that’s pure bullshit when you talk about the BBC.