Super Stadium

It’s not just the cool steel-ribbon gift wrapping that makes the new Arizona Cardinals stadium radically different; it’s everything, from the “Starchitect” design by Peter Eisenman, to North America’s first slide-out tray field, to the “pie-slice” construction method, engineered to keep costs to a trim $350 million.

The NFL is betting that the Cardinals’ new home will help re-brand the woeful Cards as a winner, and kick-start a new era in sports stadia – away from the nostalgic feel of baseball parks, and onward into the future.

The showcase stadium hosted the Super Bowl in 2008, and become a new icon for Phoenix, Ariz., and football fans worldwide.

There’s enough done on site to see the finished product through the skeleton, and enough left to do that there’s plenty of extreme action at the stadium every day.

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  1. Wow, now they even made money on making a documentary about making this thing.