Supernatural Science: Previous Lives

Millions believe in reincarnation. Is there proof that is really happens? Do people pass through many lifetimes and can they bring back memories from having lived before? Therapies now encouraging people to relive their violent moments of their deaths in previous lives. But what can be known for certain. Scientists are trying to assess the evidence from those who’ve claimed to have live before. Will they proof the case for reincarnation and reveal what brings those memories to the human mind?

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  1. Funny… or perhaps amusing at best.

    As a side note.
    It would be perfect if they could show some papers, medical journals, on the child, Edward, about his growth before the event and after the event. Perhaps then we would have a stronger case here but most of the video are a lot of ramblings.

  2. “Millions believe in reincarnation.”

    Sure, and millions believe in Vishnu, millions believe in Mohammed, millions believe in Jesus, and millions that there was no moon landing, and that we have been visited by exta-terrestrial beings.

    There are millions and millions of idiots around the world. Don’t be one of them by believing the “evidences” propounded here. If it isn’t repeatable, falsifiable, verifiable; do the only sensible thing: ignore it.

  3. I believe that this is narrated by William Price!

  4. What a load of shit. Not a scrap of good evidence.

    • yep, thats why siberians all know how to hunt quoll… ¬†oops now I have said it there will be maori who can translate indus text..

      Come on, how come no 5 year old has shipped up and translated sanskrit.. you know, a brazilian child..

      This is unadulterated garbage propagated by folk who believe in things..