Surgery’s Dirty Secrets

Vigorous investigation of a topical issue. Panorama investigates concerns about the quality of surgical instruments being used on patients in the UK. Reporter Samantha Poling hears from those working inside the NHS who claim that tools with dangerous defects are being supplied to hospitals.

Panorama travels to Pakistan, where the majority of the world’s surgical instruments are made, and finds an industry blighted by poor quality control and child labour where workers manufacture tools for £2 a day. Reporter Sam Poling asks whether the NHS is sourcing goods ethically and is doing all it can to protect the health of its patients.

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  1. This is very important. Everyone ought to know about this so we can speak up and demand better quality instruments. This scares me and fear should be used positively to share information and wake up people to what is wrong. It would even save lives, to boot!

  2. Counterfeit parts are in airplanes, cars, helicopters, rebar, surgical equipment-everything.The problem isn’t one particular industry but crapitalism itself. The misery of Pakistan should be reduced and the heavenliness lives of the CEOs and boards, should be reduced. Everyone deserves some quality of life.