Surviving a Car Crash

Horizon meets the scientists working to make fatal car crashes a thing of the past.

A remarkable fusion of mechanical engineering and biology promises to save countless lives across the world.

The programme has exclusive access to the secretive world of the most advanced car crash tests.

Horizon reveals how the latest advances in trauma medicine, psychology and even extreme sport are transforming your chances of surviving on the roads.

And the programme shows how researchers are creating a new virtual crash test dummy that could change how our cars are designed forever.

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  1. Before world without car crashes, must be world without poverty, and before that must be world without love of money, and that’s a bit extreme idea, at least before Jesus comes.

  2.  I can’t help but think that the portable screen is going to get in the way of an A&E resus room and that the Dr’s knowledge can’t always be passed through instructions on a screen, they’re going to need to be there and show the other staff how to do a certain procedure…

  3. um this is a hopeless science.

  4. Horizon – excellently researched as always and quite balanced. This doc makes an attempt to show different perspectives and initiatives but also takes the time to explain the background – well worth a watch.