Surviving Alone in Alaska

Have you ever wondered if you would survive in the wilderness, on your wits, alone? Heimo Korth did. Now, he’s the last man standing in an Alaskan wilderness. His neighbor is a polar bear. His other neighbor is a caribou. Say goodbye to civilization.Near the end of his Presidency, Jimmy Carter created the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: 20 million acres that were off limits to hunters and oil seekers. Six families were allowed to stay and occupy a cabin in the wild. There is only one man still standing. Heimo Korth.

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  1. I almost dont want to finish this documentary because the journalist makes me want to deck him. Fucking citiots

  2. i loved your story. my daddy taught me how to live with,and love the land,it made me home sick.i will share this movie with others. thank you. johncarlson

  3. BEST OUTDOOR DOC I have seen in a very long time. Captivating, scenic and real. Thank you, I shall watch again!

  4. There was a time humans and animals “hung out?” Again….SERIOUSLY??

  5. Whats the reason for showing the fish blood in the snow?? Really, for what??

  6. Dude….is it REALLY so hard to cast a spinning reel?? Really, are you THAT uncoordinated??

  7. I had fun watching it.

  8. This is one “VICE” doc worth watching.

  9. Great film, Does anyone know of any other similar videos? i love outdoor survival reality stuff

  10. —Louis’s got to STOP delivering the usual available oddballs,
    and START turning those cameras on his very own ‘hidden masters’
    within the Oxford–Fabian Beeb, with special attention to their
    longstanding agenda for world EUGENICS.

  11. @averagegirl
    at least someones fully awake.
    Third World economies were created while the sheeple of this planet continued followin’ nose to ass like the skies are always blue. This worlds banked off debt.

  12. Thank you for this pleasing and informative documentary. I appreciate the way it’s not afraid to show some of the reality, and the caring way that the interviewer observes as a respectful guest. The music, sound, and editing feel just right. The camera work certainly has some shining moments for what appears to be mostly handheld. Nice work. The feeling I am left with is that in a way, Mr. Korth is also a western guest in that land. There’s a subject of no small significance that’s brought up during the skinning of the rabbit; the discussion which differentiates animals vs. people. Here is where the western thought shows – in the psychology of turning a ‘thou’ into an ‘it’ rather than to engage in any ritualistic act of killing, eating, and atoning. Such a denial is the very core of the process of emotional aviodance through devaluing which Mr. Korth expresses contempt for in others. The moving cemetery scene was very well handled by the film makers and the bereaved, which to me underscores the joking and making light of the taking of lives of the members of the rabbit and bear communities, who also must be atoned for. I might be wrong, but I wonder if this absence of meaningful connectivity with the environment isn’t the reason why a young person would prefer to leave for a retail job or college. It may not be possible for even Mr. Korth to return to full hand-made skin clothing and moccasins, and arrows, and tribal ritual, but when I think about it that way it comes into focus, for me anyway, that what has in fact disappeared is not simply hunting and trapping, but the deeper connectivity with the environment as a way of life.

  13. Great vid. Sad to see the guy all the way out there in the AK is brainwashed by central banker media propaganda. He believes the world is resource-starved because there are too many people. There are plenty of resources. Central bankers propagandize endlessly through their mainstream media that people are a problem. This is to allow them more control over us.

    Control is power, and power is the greatest drug in existence. Central bankers are addicted.

  14. Very interesting documentary about really living off the land. Hunting and trapping is a very primitive way of living in this world today. It helps to have some modern things such as modern weapons and fishing gear, gas powered electric generator, radio and TV and VCR. I would think that after 35 years, his trapping skills would be well tuned into the nature of it all and the quality of his furs should bring in enough income to meet his modest requirements and make his life a little better. Hats off to you, heimo and your natural family, living the dream with Mother Nature and accepting her hard rules…

  15. What questions where you expecting? it was simply an insight into how people live in this kind of environment,

    and if you think Louis Thoeroux is a good journalist you should really expand your expectations, he is a product of shock values, the BBC only use him to ask questions we already know the answer too , to cults and gay haters to boost ratings,

    I find him and the BBC to be extremely condescending to the viewers….like were idiots that need a topic to be dumb’ed down just so we can understand it.

    and here is my proof ….. list one documentary that he has been apart of that didn’t include finger pointing and neigh saying?……

    what educational documentary has he taken part in that wasn’t about trying to make Micheal Jackson look like a pedophile or how Miami transsexuals survive in prison?

    BBC is all entertainment with a side of sparse education

  16. Louis Thoeroux you are not! Please don’t get a hipster who can’t ask decent follow up questions or dig deeper to do the questioning on these things. The survivalist seems like a great guy but none of the right questions were being asked.